Sunday, December 8, 2013


I was checking my email and it had one from an unknown woman with subject adoption story. Not knowing if people even read my blog, she wrote me a simple email of how she thanks me for posting such private things. How she adopted a little boy almost 5 years ago. I appreciated that email so much. 

Friday, December 6, 2013

Finding Jeanne and Chris... I wrote this July 26, 2010

So this time two years ago, im in Christys office looking at profiles and I still havent picked a family yet. Some i have put aside and some wasnt what i was lookin for. SO I go in again, same week as this, and she tells me, a profile came in from Portland. Ok, its not in Texas, but lets give it a look. So im looking at the profile, simple and to the point. It tells both sides of Jeanne and Chris, how they met, fell in love, and started their adoption journey. One key thing stood out about their profile........ Jeanne hersself was adopted and they showed love to their future birthmom, their hero. i definately wanted to keep this one aside. I wanted to make sure with out a doubt, i was sure and no other profiles stood out. This had been a long journey of pain, and disappointment. But i couldnt go back now. I was considerd high risk and had to go to Galveston to stay in a high risk ward...basically they took a old hotel and turned them into like lil dorms for mothers who was high risk. We had a bed, table n chairs, phone, bathroom, closet and CABLE TV!!!! Mothers met in the lobby to go to the main hospital to go get breakfast. Sometimes i wouldnt go, cause i finally was getting my sleep. But back to the best part. I thought about Jeanne and Chris' profile alot, and called Christy to tell her they were the one. She said she would cll me backin an hour. When she called me she said that they screamed with happines when they got that call. i also asked Christy would it be ok if they were their when I delievered. She advised me that, they really dont ask the parents, just incase i changed my mind, that would be not good for them. But I assured her i wasnt going to change my mind. Once again, she said she would call me back. They were excited that i would want them their. I went to Galveston alone, my kids stayed behind. I chose to go through this journey alone. Being in galveston wasnt bad. i was by the beach and by my favorite seafood place...Benos!!! I got to Galveston on a Thursday, had my first Dr app that Friday and i was already 1cm. The best advice the Dr told me to do was to walk. And I did. At night, i would walk up and down the parking lot. Back n Forth for a good 1 to 2 hrs. My family wasnt much of anything. I talked to Christy and she said I would meet Jeanne and Chris Saturday. I was nervous!!!! and excited too. I had bought a card that said congrats its a boy, with an ultrasound picture of him. No name yet, but I as thinking of a name though. Saturday morning came and I was getting excited. Christy had called me and said that they were leaving soon. I couldnt wait to meet them. I got ready and just waited for the call. When that call came, i was ready. Jeanne and Chris was already at Benos waiting for me. My hands already sweat, but they was sweaty more than usual. Christy told me that she would be stayin too long cause she had to return to the office. So we pulled up to Benos and we went inside. We walked in and to my left side Jeanne stood up and gave me a big hug, the Chris...Yay!!!! i finally meet these two. So we sat a a table and did a mini hello how are you. Then we looked to see what to order. We ordered food and I told them what was the best thing to get. We chose another table to sit at and the talkin began. We talked about tattoos to their travels, to how they met, and about me. We ate and talked more. Christy said she would have to leave, we hugged and she said goodluck and she was off. We stayed at benos and talked like we been knowing each other. Then we went to the beach. We all walked on the beach talking. Then I gave them the card...Like i said, it said congrats, and a pic of their future son. Jeanne opened the card and a tear came. She loved it. I had a name in their that I been considering.....Kendall Chris went to find him a cap at a gift store, while me and Jeanne walked the beach talking and tellin her my story. We actually walked a good way. I told them I was already 1cm...and I was told to walk walk walk....ANDD I DID to be continued Us girls went to get our toes done and jeanne told me about 'The worst date ever' story and how the name of Zyler was chosen. Then after our feet looked fab, we went to Walmart to get a couple of things. Then back to my lil we said our goodbyes til tomorrow and took a couple of pics. That Sunday was Aug 3 2008. We met up again and at some mexican food i but after that we wnt to Ben and Jerrys (yummy) and you guess it, we walked some more. A lonnnnnnng time too. Chris went and got the car for us so we would have to walk all the way back. Once again back to my lil room, but they came up. Chris is into martial arts and said that massagin the ankles stimulates contractions..i was like hey i cant reackh my ankles So after that they went back to their hotel. I told them i would keep them updated if anything that happend. So im in my room and i say about 2 or 3 hrs after they left, i had a lot of pressure and my back was killing me. Then i noticed the pain would come and go and the pressure was getting unbearable...CONTRACTIONS!!! I was like OMG hes coming!! I went to the lobby hwere they have a all night nurse and told her its time for me. I packed my bag, called Chris and Jeanne and told them hes coming. I called my sister, mom and my other sister and told them that im in labor. I arrived at John Sealy and walked into the building, them contractions was getting stronger.. I had to hold the wall a couple of times. I arrived on the 3rd floor and checked in. i told the receptionist that I had an adoption plan and the parents are coming. I gave her their name and told her to let them in. They called my name and put me in a room to monitor my contractions. Now, I have two other kids and I had both natural and no drigs. but these contractions was killing me..Steven was 4 or 5 so i had forgot all about the giving birth So Jeanne came in the room and i was relieved. She was right their holding my hand. Then they moved my to the room i would be giving birth in. Now i was in pain, the nurse asked if i wanted the big needle in my back. Now i never had that, but the pain was hurting. I said yes..Jeanne had to step out the room for a min. NOW THE NURSES AT JOHN SEALY MATERNITY WARD ARE SOME LAZY INCONSIDERATE HEFFAS. Ok now had the urge to push and could hold for no Dr. the guy witht he long needle came, and i was about to scoot up to lean back, but what i did was lean over and pushed MY BAG BROKE!!!! and i started pushing. SO much for the needle right? They was calling for the Dr. to hurry because he was coming. That nurse that I couldnt stand went and got jeanne and Chris sayin your missin it. I WANTED TO SLAP HER. But they made it in their. I say 3 or 4 pushes and Zyler Kendall James came in this world at 11:23pm. What a relief!!!! to be continued

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New Beginnings

Well I ha e been so behind that its sad but I have some good news. In June I will be flying to Portland to see my extended family and I'm so excited. I get to meet Jakey Trey and enjoy a nice vacay away from all the drama that has happened. I'm counting the days until June 5-11

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Today is Gotcha Day for Jea and Chris...meaning that They are now a family of 4...Jakey Trey is now theres...its such a great day for them...

Friday, August 3, 2012


WELL I feel bad i havent been keeping up for you bloggers out there, but Zyler has a brother now!!! His name is Jakey Trey and hes 5 months now..Hes the most cutest lil boy ever! And Zyler is really enjoying being a big brother. But Zyler is now 4...CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??? I cant... Its been four years since giving birth to him, not trying to get attatched. I let Jea and Chris spend the most time with him. I knew i wasnt going to be able to bring him home with me and it hurted. I cried my eyes out when i got home. My mother wasnt a great support. My other two kids didnt know why mama was crying or where was the baby that was in my tummy. But Jea made it easy to talk to, to call, to text, to email. And for the people i met along the way..I thank them for being in my journey Keri Laura Desha birthmom bud happy birthday zyler Photobucket

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Well hello,

I havent been on here lately but so much is going on i dont know where to begin. But i will share this news with you guys. Zyler is now a big brother to a healthy lil boy name Jacob. They went to Kentucky to go and bring him home. They had some red tape to get through since adoption laws are different there. But everything has cleared and now they are parents to two boys. I couldnt be happier for them they are so great and deserve this.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ending of 2011

well this year has been trials for me, but i couldnt be happier for My Jea and Chris...they are in the process of adding another Modderman. Thats exciting!!!! and Zyler couldnt be happier..Hes such a happy child, love his cousins and haves too much fun.. I couldnt of made a better choice for him. My butterfly they gave me when i gave birth to him, came up missing and HURTED ME DEEPLY..still dont know who, or where it went to. I got a package today.... :-)